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Branded graphic, Michael Abrahamlogo on white background with a layer of art prints behind it in all it's vibrant glory.
Photo of bright workspace with 2 original art prints hanging on the wall titled 'Afloat' and 'White Pony Swat'

Original art prints from the studio gallery of artist Michael Abraham

Radiant museum-quality prints produced from the creative artwork of Canadian Artist, Michael Abraham.
With original artwork in Canadian and International galleries and collections, this contemplative catalog of imaginative art prints is ‘Quintessential Abraham’.

Celebrate the Color of Life 

This fresh line of art prints offers an accessible and colorful way to express and ponder the color of life.  From the brightest blue skies to the smallest detail in an angels’ eyes, All art prints are color-matched to perfection by the artist, to reveal the same subtlety and hidden wonder as seen in the original oil paintings. 

Michael Abraham leans over the bull to varnish it with gloss that accentuates the bright lights and red room.
Michael varnishing the original oil painting, ‘To the Cleaners’

Breaking free of realism and playing within the freedom of thought and inspiration

Michael Abraham has been painting and exhibiting for over 30 years, with original artwork in Canadian and international galleries and private collections.

Explore the imaginative artwork of Michael Abraham

From vibrant original prints, paintings, and bronze sculptures, there is more inspiration for art lovers, appreciators, art displayers, collectors, and everyone in between!