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About the Art Shop

About the Artist –

Born in Montreal, Michael Abraham began his studies in life drawing and compositional painting at the Ontario College of Art (1984-88).  In his fourth year of OCA, he was awarded the top figure drawing award.  He was a teacher’s assistant during a year of postgraduate education in Florence, Italy (1990-91) and working from his studio Piazza San Marco, in Florence.

Michael working on the monochromatic under painting of Pipers Medley
Michael laying down the underpainting to ‘Pipers Medley’. Click here to read about it on his website.

“I am a designer, a colorist, and a composer of ideas and am intrigued by both the narrative and abstract nature of painting.   I am not bound by realism.  I like to give myself the freedom to think, probe, explore, and play to create the artifacts of the process.  The work is both subjective and based in reality, a melding of the inner and outer world.  There are so many things to ponder and wrap one’s head around… Art is a reflection of life, all things at once, and ever-changing.”

Portrait of the artist, Michael Abraham, next to large oil painting titled 'Angel Song'

A Message from the Michael

Ordering a ‘Michael Abraham Art Print’ is different from ordering through a mass art print retailer, where the artist never actually sees what is being produced.  Prints from my shop are made to order and are color-proofed to accurately capture and recreate the color, texture, and vibrance of each original oil painting. Prints are verified for color likeness, approved for quality, and signed by me. As with the process of creating my original paintings and work, I am involved in every step of the printing process.

From the dawn of printmaking, artists have created prints to share their artwork with a broader audience. My goal is to provide you with the finest quality print you’ll be proud to hang and that will make your wall sing!

I thank you for your interest in my work.  May it colour your world!
About the Printing Process –

Recreating the life of a painting for print

In the past, engravings were done by a qualified craftsman/artist copying the paintings of the old masters; offset lithography reproduced photo reproduction of an artwork by nature artists in the 1980s and ’90s, and now we are in the digital age, where an artist can work alongside the digital printmakers of today.

With the most modern photographing and digital printing, the quality of art reproduction surpasses all the past technologies in terms of capturing the true essence of color and detail of an artwork.

It is an artist’s dream to have this kind of control over the quality of colour capture and reproduction! 

Creating a color-accurate print from an original oil painting isn’t about taking a quick snapshot and hitting ‘print’ on a printer.  With the right amount of time spent adjusting, cleaning, and color proofing digitally captured files, selecting the finest papers and inks, and adjusting the tone, saturation, color, contrast until all is just right, the results can be stunning. I do all this personally, along with the hard work of expert print technicians and top-of-the-line 12-colour printers.

Check out the article to read more about the process of painting to art print process and why quality matters.

Close up on a print proof to match the blue sky of 'whisky jack'
Michael abraham working with printing expert to see  how the prints looks at full size under bright light.

About the Shop –

The Team

Michael Abraham Art Shop is based in the Delta, British Columbia, Canada, and was created with the good work of a small team of Michael Abraham and Melissa Hubert.

Michael Abraham sitting in his studio with a red and black shirt and oil paintings nearby
Michael Abraham
Artist, Product Owner
Melissa Hubert
Web / UX / Product

We are so happy with the results and excited to share such a true representation of some of our favourite imagery.