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Art in Homes

Real Art, Real Homes

To paint and create art is only part of the experience – seeing the artwork in its new home is another. Since prints have recently become available, these are photos of the original oil paintings on the walls of collectors’ homes. Feel free to send a photo of an art print from the shop in your space or tag us on social media!

Forward shot of a white mantle fireplace with Michael Abraham's painting 'Pleasure in Heaven' over top. The walls are painted in a similar fashion as the painting: Pink with white clouds
Original Oil Painting of the Art Print 'Rose Tinted Glasses' on a white ikea kallax shelf with a sculpture of tintin.
Original Oil Painting
‘Rose Colored Glasses’ Print
Original Oil Painting of the Art Print 'Afloat' within a modern bathroom on neutral walls over black straight edge bath tub.
Original Oil Painting
‘Afloat’ Print
Original Oil Painting of the Art Print 'Pleasure in Heaven' hanging above a white fireplace mantle with pink toned unique cloud painted walls.
Original Oil Painting
‘Pleasure in Heaven’ Print
Original Oil Painting of the Art Print 'The Conceptualists' hanging on a white wall above a white couch.
Original Oil Painting
‘The Conceptualists’ Print

More Art…

Original Oil Painting not available as art print, 'The big Sleep', hanging in a large sky light on white walls.
Wall close up with hanging original oil painting title 'dippers' by michael abraham, next to potted ficus. art print not available.
A modern white room with high ceilings and minimalist mantle-less fireplace where the original oil paintings for 'Dance floor' by Michael Abraham. Not available as Art Print.
Photo of a light bedroom and an original oil painting of 'After the crash (iron man)' hangs on the wall next to the pillows.
A living room with natural wood floor and ceiling; hanging from the hall wall is original painting of 'a boy a bird a box' by Michael Abraham
A living room photo of a couch and modern light fixture. The original oil painting on the neutral painted wall is 'Piano' by Michael Abraham
View the full catalogue of Michael Abraham and discover more weirdly wonderful oil paintings and sculpture on michaelabraham.com!
Blue themed bedroom with neon lights under the bed, with blue art print of an angel face ['angel song'] by Michael Abraham

Interested in a specific artwork?
See a Mock up!

Add lively interior design, wall art, and sculpture to all your spaces. Send us a photo of your room, the chosen print, its size, along with some relative measurements of a piece of furniture. Within 2 business days, you will receive a mock-up of your room with an art print from the shop!

The art prints from the above original paintings

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