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Imperial Size:
Height: 19”, Width: –”, Depth: –”

Weight: – lbs

Metric size:
Height: – cm, Width: – cm, Depth: – cm
Weight: – kg

Foundry Cast Bronze


Sculpture Availability
This sculpture is available made-to-order. For more information on ordering a made-to-order piece, visit ‘this page’

Suggested Display
This sculpture is a fully functional candelabrum with three welcoming figures holding up the light they shine in, and shine out to the viewer. The sculpture is a feature highlight piece that makes for a striking centerpiece that provides varying perspectives on each side. It can be enjoyed with a standard 2” taper candle 

Where and How it’s made
The original is made in Chavant wax-based clay. A capture mold is made which destroys the original wax clay but allows for a wax casting, a secondary mold, and lost wax bronze casting. The casting was done at Burton Bronze Foundry, on Salt Spring Island, BC.

This piece is created fully assembled, in foam and a wooden crate, and shipped using DHL international, or UPS/FedEx Within Canada. Due to the center glass piece, the sculpture is packed super securely. It requires a standard reversible drill with a Robertson (square head) screwdriver bit to remove screws from the crated sculpture.

Each sculpture comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.